Raftwars2.org Keeps It Simple and Fun

I have been playing games on the computer before the Internet was even popular. It all started when I found a local BBS when I first bought a computer over 20 years ago. Since then, a lot of things have changed, but my love for computer games has remained the same. I was looking for a new game to play a couple of weeks ago and happened upon a new website at raftwars2.org. I like basic games that provide hours of fun, and that is just what I found at this game site.

I especially liked Raft Wars, though other games can be played there too. One of the reasons I enjoy Raft Wars so much is because I can use just my mouse to control the game. A lot of the games that I enjoy require the use of different keys on a keyboard, and that can really slow a game down a bit. Since all I had to use was the mouse to fire tennis balls and other weapons at my enemies, it made it a lot more fun. It is not just a shoot-em up game either. Real strategy is at play. Not only do I have to protect all of my people from the enemy, but I have to conserve bullets by aiming well too. With the extra cash that I am able to save by aiming well, I can buy all the ammo I need which means the game never grows boring for me.

I am just really glad that I found this site, because I have a feeling I am going to be playing this game for a while. It might not have the complexity of modern day video games that most kids seem to like, but that is what holds so much appeal to me. I like the simple games that require dexterity and strategy without turning me into a real-life zombie. Keeping it simple is what makes it so fun!

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